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About Us

Manuela Stragliotto is the founder and responsible of Oblika-Contemporary Jewellery.

Manuela developed herself as a professional interior designer in Milan, where she completed her studies and worked as a project consultant in a showroom in Brera neighbourhood.

Passion for colours and the continuous search for chromatic matches is the trademark of her style.

Due to personal circumstances, Manuela started travelling in 2012 when she first moved from Italy to Romania. After that Dubai and Scotland.  In the last 9 years she became mother of three and she devoted most of her time to family.

As a social responsive mother and educator, Manuela is particularly sensitive to the environment and climate change, looking to actively contribute to a more sustainable future for the generations to come.

With this philosophy she decided to start Oblika Jewellery, where she can combine her passion for design and jewellery to the intention of communicate sustainability values.

Oblika is a young, positive and colourful reality in the jewellery market.

All jewels are designed and 3-D printed by Manuela using PLA, a natural and biodegradable plastic material obtained by corn.

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